Instant classic: Badr Hari – Stefan Leko K-1 2005 (VIDEO)

The 13th annual K-1 World Grand Prix tournament that took place 15 years ago is without a doubt one of the most memorable pro kickboxing events.

Once again, “Tokyo Dome” gathers the best fighters under one roof who are competing for kickboxing’s noblest prize.

The defending champion Remy Bonjasky, Semmy Schilt, Peter Aerts, Musashi, Ray Sefo, Ruslan Karaev, Jerome Le Banner, and Choi Hong-man are the quarter-finalists that made it to Japan’s capital city.

The tournament organizers have announced prior to the fight night that there will be two reserve fights in case somebody gets injured or something unplanned happens.

One of those two fights is between the 21-year-old rookie Badr Hari and the 31-year-old Stefan Leko From Germany.

It’s a fight that nobody really cares for, but as it often turns out, the bout became legendary as the night that Badr Hari made it clear that he’ll be the one that will rule this combap sports for the next 10 years.

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