Instant classic: Mark Hunt – Jerome Le Banner 2002 K-1 WGP (VIDEO)

The tenth anniversary of the K-1 World Grand Prix was held in 2002.

8 of the finest kickboxers from all over the world are gathered together under one ceiling in Tokyo, Japan, in order to produce the new Grand Prix champion.

Mark Hunt, Jerome Le Banner, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts, Bob Sapp, Ernesto Hoost, Stefan Leko, and the home crowd favorite Musashi are the ones who made it to the quarter-finals.

The second semi-final of the night is between France’s Jerome Le Banner and New Zealand’s Mark Hunt. Even though they are not the biggest names back then, approximately 75 000 people in attendance are watching the fight in awe.

The pair have met three times before with Banner having the lead with 2:1.

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