Instant classic: Mirko Filipovic – Ernesto Hoost 2000 K-1 WGP (VIDEO)

The 8th edition of the K-1 World Grand Prix took place 20 years ago, but the epic battles between one of the finest fighters from the golden era of kickboxing are still pretty fond and dear to the fans.

8 of the best kickboxers are gathered together at the “Tokyo Dome” in front of 70 000 fans who are eager to see who the next number one will be.

Ray Sefo, Musashi, Peter Aerts, Cyril Abidi, Stefan Leko, Fransisco Filho, Ernesto Hoost, and Mirko Filipovic have made it to the quarterfinals.

The official main card kicks-off with a bang – last year’s finalists are meeting again, but this time at an earlier stage of the tournament.

Mirko “Crop Cop” Filipovic and Ernesto Hoost are facing each other for the third time, with the first two matches going in Hoost’s favor.

Both of them waste no time and switch to “Attack mode” right from the get-go, once again making the case that they are probably the toughest and iron chin fighters of the time.

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