Instant classic: Peter Aerts – Jerome Le Banner, 1999 K-1 GP (VIDEO)

The 1999 K-1 Grand Prix event was the 7th annual tournament that included the best 8 heavyweight kickboxers.

Sam Greco, Ernesto Hoost, Mirko Cro Cop, Musashi, Peter Aerts, Andy Hug, Ray Sefo, and Jerome Le Banner all managed to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Nearly 60 000 fans were packed inside the “Tokyo Dome” in Japan’s capital city, as the last quarterfinals was reserved for two of the most powerful kickboxers then – Netherlands’Peter Aerts and France’s Jerome Le Banner.

The pair produced arguably one of  the greatest 1/4-finals ever in the glorious history of K-1 and we recomend you that if you haven’t watched it before, now it’s the time to correct your mistake.

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