Instant classic: Sam Greco – Andy Hug, K-1 Braves ’97 (VIDEO)

The 1997 Braves K-1 tournament was staged in Fukuoka, Japan.

Some of the finest kickboxers from all over the world participated in the event which produced 8 super fights.

Ray Sefo, Jerome Le Banner, Ernesto Hoost, Miek Bernardo, Peter Aerts, Jean Claude Leuyer, Stefan Leko, Sadau Kiatsongrit, Kirkwood Walker, Akio Mori, Changpuek Kiatsongrit, Nobuaki Kakuda, Stan Longinidis, Takeru Taisei, Andy Hug and Sam Greco.

The second bout of the night was between two of the most accomplished and successful fighters – Andy Hug from Switzerland and Sam Greco from Australia.

That was the first time they were facing each other in a pro contest and both guys were determined to get the victory, even though none of them did!

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