International SAMBO Tournament “Chokheli Memorial” has been canceled

The International SAMBO Tournament “A. Chokheli Memorial”, which was to be held in Tbilisi on September 11-12, has been canceled due to the worsening epidemiological situation in Georgia due to COVID-19.

The corresponding decision on the basis of the decree of the government of Georgia was made by the national SAMBO federation of the country.

“It is deplorable fact for us that we have to stop such an event as A. Chokheli International Tournament, however, due to high public responsibility and government decree, we are obliged to take such measures. We think this decision will be somewhat productive, because by implementing this decision, we will take care of the health of all Sambo members so that thev do not become infected when they arrive in Georgia,” the letter from the Georgian National SAMBO Federation says.


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