International training camp and belts exam held in Tunisia

The Tunisian Association of Kyokushinkai Karate and Martial Arts (ATKAM) organized on 14/15 May 2022 in Sousse Tunisia a Training camp for coaches and athletes and also a belt examination for 1, 2 Kyu, and all black belts.

This event was held under the supervision of the President of the Kyokushin World Federation KWF Shihan Antonio Pinero, the president of ATKAM and Arab Federation, and KWF country representative of Tunisia Shihan Sadok Kouka. 7countries were present in this camp including Tunisia, Iraq, Algeria, Lybia, France, Sweden, and Spain.

On the first day Saturday the 14 of May 2022, we started with the Camp for coaches on a football field 100 meters away from the beach belongings to El Mouradi hotel with the presence of twenty-five trainers from different clubs.

Shihan Pinero explained to the trainers the meaning of some kata and basic kihon and how to practice it with the right pedagogy. All the coaches were pleased with the experience they got and enjoyed the good weather that day. On the second day the 15 of May 2022, we started the training camp at nine o’clock in the morning in Sousse Olympic Hall. Four hundred and fifty (450) athletes half of them between 10and20 years old from black belts and color belts participated in this event, belonging to many associations and clubs and about 40 trainers participated too. T

he focus of the training was on reviewing the basic techniques of Kyokushinkai, kata, and kumite techniques. The ambiance was so powerful and impressive. All karatekas have more confidence through this training. This international training camp continued until twelve-thirty (12:30).

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