IOC suspends AIBA from Tokyo 2020

The International Olympic Committee has suspended and stripped the International Boxing Association from organizing the boxing tournament at Tokyo 2020.

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The president of IOC -Thomas Bach has announced the decision after a meeting with IOC executive board. There was an investigation for the last 7 months which lead to the ruling out.

Good thing is that there will be a boxing tournament at the games, but the governing body is yet to be announced. AIBA troubles became known  several years ago, as it has struggled to answer questions about its finances, governance and refereeing standards but its relationship with the IOC reached a new low when  Gafur Rakhimov was elected as president last November, despite the Uzbek being on the US sanctions list for alleged involvement with a global crime network.

Image: БТА

Here’s what Thomas Bach said after the meeting:

Image: БТА

“These decisions were taken in the interest of the athletes and the sport of boxing,” he said.

“We want to ensure, on the one hand, that the athletes can continue to live their Olympic dreams…while at the same time drawing the necessary consequences for AIBA following the recommendation of the inquiry. We have offered a pathway back for lifting the suspension after Tokyo 2020 but for this, there must be further fundamental change within AIBA.”


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