Israeli Beach SAMBO Championships Held at Riviera Beach

The Israeli Beach SAMBO Championships took place on July 9 at Riviera Beach. It is this place in the city of Bat Yam that will be the venue for the World Beach SAMBO Championships at the end of August. The tournament was attended by 52 strongest athletes of the country, who competed for 8 sets of awards. Based on the results of this competition, the SAMBO Federation of Israel will form the team that will represent the country at the World Championships.

“The qualifying championship revealed the strongest athletes in the country at the moment. In most weight categories, the result was predictable, but there were some surprises. In one of the categories, young athletes pushed out more experienced sambists. The coaching staff will have a difficult task: to decide on an athlete who will represent the country at the World Championships in this weight category. But, as they say, these are good problems. The younger generation is growing up, capable of creating worthy competition for experienced sambists.”

Anatoly Gershtman, head of the referee panel of the SAMBO Federation of Israel, also spoke about promising young people following the results of the tournament.

“Many young athletes proved themselves on the sand, showing interesting bouts, high-speed wrestling and high technique. Professionalism is recruited not only by athletes, but also by referees. Israeli SAMBO, although young, is already experienced, and it has a future!” he said.

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