It’s advantage Ruiz at the weigh-in (VIDEO)

The official weigh-in for tonight heavyweight clash in New York between Anthony Joshua (22-0) and Andy Ruiz Jr. (32-1) is now in the books and everything is all set for the fight.

The pair will meet in Madison Square Garden as the 29-years-old Brit will be defending his WBO, IBF, and WBA “Super” titles. Yesterday MSG was, of course, the host of the public weigh-in and there were no surprises with the fact that the challenger was heavier than the champ.

The 29-years-old Mexican tipped the scale at 121.5 kg while “AJ” registered 112.4 kg for his US debut.

After the weigh-in, AJ told Sky: “I just wanna say thank you for coming out and supporting. It’s all about getting in the ring and doing the job, so I’m looking forward to it.”

When asked for his final prediction, the champion sent a message to fans watching back home in England: “I won’t keep you up too long.”

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