Ivan Netov led sambo referee seminar in Croatia

FIAS international referee Ivan Netov led seminar for referees from July 8 to 10 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The venue for the seminar, organized with the support of the National Olympic Committee of Croatia, was the office of the Zagreb Sports Association. All participants of the training already had experience of working both in national SAMBO tournaments and in other types of martial arts, so the seminar program was designed for in-depth training.

Theory alternated with practice, and practice, in turn, meant both the analysis of moments from the competition on video, and the simulation of complex cases directly in the seminar hall.

“I want to note the great interest of all participants in mastering the material, as well as the high motivation of each specialist to prove themselves during the training. The level of training of Croatian referees left me with the most positive impressions, and I am sure that many of them, with due desire, will be able to prove themselves at the largest SAMBO competitions,” Ivan Netov said.

As a result of the seminar, the three referees who received the highest score during the knowledge test will be assigned a continental level. Sana Visnjic, Josip Ivanisic and Christian Uskokovic will have the opportunity to work not only at national, but also at continental tournaments. The rest of the participants received an additional boost of motivation to diligently prepare for work as referees.

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