Jake Paul calls Canelo Alvarez an ‘old hater’

So now Paul shares some words for Canelo.

YouTube star Jake Paul says he’s ready to beef with Canelo Alvarez. Clearly this isn’t going to be a beef that ever gets settled in the ring,  but he’s more than happy to have a go at the Mexican star on social media.

“A lot has happened in the boxing world in the past couple of days I feel like I need to rant on it because some of it’s funny, it’s hilarious, people are calling me out, etc,” Paul began. “So first situation is Canelo’s fight. Two kids break into the fight, sneak onto the stage and the kids are actually wearing a picture of my face and Ben Askren’s face. Canelo sees that they’re on stage, he double takes, looks, sees the kids wearing a picture of my face and is like ‘oh, get the fuck out of here!’

“Canelo, what’s your problem bro? Why you hate me so much? Canelo’s mad. He has this thing against me, he said I’m bad for the sport, I’m disrespecting it, which doesn’t make sense at all. I’m actually just bringing more eyeballs, more awareness to the sport of boxing. But since Canelo, you wanted to start this beef, let’s do it.

“Bro, you’re mad because DAZN had to renegotiate your contract because you weren’t selling enough. You’re mad because there’s someone new coming into the sport. You claim you’re the pound-for-pound best fighter but you’re fighting these guys from Turkey that no one’s ever heard of. You were a -5000 favorite. Why not fight Caleb Plant, David Benavidez, ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade? You’re ducking them. You’re ducking them, Canelo. You’re an old hater, that’s what you are.”

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