Jake Paul says he’d absolutely welcome a fight against Canelo Alvarez

Jake Paul is set to headline a Showtime PPV this Saturday night when he takes on Tyron Woodley in an unexpected rematch, but Paul is at least saying he has eyes on much bigger fights in the boxing world for his future, including one against the biggest star in the sport in Canelo Alvarez.

Of course it’s safe to assume Paul is just throwing Canelo’s name out there as a ploy to draw attention to this weekend’s fight, but he’s at least publicly saying he’s very serious about it. Paul points to none other than Avni Yildirm, saying if he could earn a shot at Canelo he doesn’t see why he isn’t deserving.

“I will fight Canelo 100 per cent. Look at this guy Avni Yildirim [who Canelo beat earlier this year]. His nickname was ‘The Turkish Warrior’. He got to fight Canelo. He sat down in the corner and quit. He didn’t throw a punch. Why can he get the fight but I can’t? I’m bigger than that guy. I’m stronger. It’s not about how long you’ve been doing something. It’s about how right you have been doing it.”

Paul would admit that a potential fight against Canelo could be a few years off, but reasons that a bout between both of them — considering their respective fan bases — would be a massive event for the sport. And as we’ve seen in recent years, you can’t just competely write off any fight that has the potential to make big money.

First things first, anyway, as Jake Paul will have to take care of business in the short-term, starting with this weekend’s sequel against Tyron Woodley.

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