Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson: Full fight video highlights, knockout, results

Former NBA standout Nate Robinson’s athletic advantages didn’t do much for him in the boxing ring on Saturday night, as he was frankly rather well embarrassed in two rounds against Jake Paul.

Paul scored a second round knockout win, dropping the 36-year-old Robinson three times in their fight. It was Paul’s second pro bout, as he’s now 2-0 (2 KO), though calling them “pro fights” is kind of weird since he’s fought two guys who didn’t look like they had a clue what they were doing. It was Robinson’s debut, and it did not go well.

Here are some highlights from the fight:

The 23-year-old Paul continues to talk a big game, and unless you’re him it’s really not easy to tell if it’s salesmanship or delusion about him maybe being “the next Floyd Mayweather” or whatever, but more likely it’s mostly salesmanship. You’ll notice he’s not calling out pro boxers. He has called out Conor McGregor, which most agree would likely go poorly for Paul.

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