Jamie Greene: My goal is to go individual this season

Jamie Greene has been to the CrossFit Games three times already. She competed in two Sanctionals and took 2nd as an individual at the Dubai CrossFit Championship.

Here is what she said for the website “thebarbellspin.com”:

The 2019 CrossFit Games season is drastically different than previous years. What was your initial reaction to the elimination of Regionals?

 Very different! Ah I’m not too bothered either way so wasn’t too worried haha but now I think it’s pretty cool, as it keeps your options open and I get to compete more than other years which is always fun.

You have competed at the first two Sanctionals, Dubai and Wodapalooza. At Dubai you took 2nd place as an individual and were battling Sam Briggs for the top spot on the final event. A month later you and your team won Wodapalooza to get an invite to the CrossFit Games. Was your goal entering the season to go individual or team?

 My goal was to go individual this season and it still is, we went team because the opportunity was there and thought it would be fun and it was. I would definitely go team with those guys again, but right now the goal is still individual.

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😆😆😆 My face when I remember the open is coming up in 3 short weeks 🥳✌️ ••••• Who’s excited?! Or who’s anxious?! Or who doesn’t care haha. ••••• We all go through every emotion over those 5 weeks, no matter what level, what number open or whether you care that much or not. But in the end if it gets you moving, gets you feeling something and gets you hanging out with some pals, then why not huh, it can’t be bad for ya. ••••• Personally I can’t wait for the Sunday night Open Throwdowns in the Arena @voguefitness.crossfityas , the best atmosphere in town 😆😎🌴🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️🎉🎊🎈 Also here’s some movements we should all be squeezing in our sessions in anticipation 😅😂👌 #Crossfit #InTheOpen #CrossfitOpen #CrossfitYas #Fitness #Health #Friends #VogueFitness #Throwdown #DontOverComplicateIt #WitFitness #WIT #TeamWit 📸 : @jonpaynephoto

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Now that you have qualified on a team, what are your plans between now and the Games?

 I am competing as an individual at the CrossFit Strength in Depth competition in London next month. I will do the CrossFit Open and I really want to compete in the Australian Down Under CrossFit Championship in May, just because I miss competing with the South Pacificers. Plus, I could get a quick trip home in.

After competing at two Sanctionals, has your opinion changed since your initial reaction?

 No. I thought it would be good from the start and it is.

How do you think the format change will impact the sport and its athletes over the next few years?

 I think it allows athletes and sponsors to grow in the sport making it all a lot more professional therefore increasing the standard of Crossfit in general.

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