Japan targets Guinness World Record at #JudoWorlds

The All Japan Judo Federation is asking judoka from all over the world to help them achieve a Guinness World Record at this year’s World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019 presented by Park24 Group.
Japan has lofty ambitions for the eight-day event in August as they are bidding to put together the world’s biggest poster featuring decorated champions and members of the judo family.

To take part all you have to do is to submit a portrait full body picture of yourself in judogi and your photo could appear at the world famous Nippon Budokan this August alongside all-time greats such as Inoue Kosei, Ingrid Berghmans and the master and founder of the sport himself, Kano Jigoro.

The deadline is 31 May.

Rules: White judogi, full body photo (Head to toes) with no shoes, male entrants must not wear anything under their jacket. Photos can be taken by smartphone on high quality.


Submit your photo and read the full guidelines here: https://tokyojudo2019.jp/en/ippon_project/

You can also enter the IJF’s Throw to Tokyo competition to be in with a chance of winning once in a lifetime trip to the World Championships! All you have to do is to film and upload a video of yourself throwing for ippon!

Enter #T2T here: https://tokyo.ijf.org/

Source: www.ijf.org

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