Jared Cannonier out of UFC 248

The highly anticipated middleweight bout that was set for UFC 248 between Jared Cannonier and Darren Till is officially off due to an injury Cannonier sustained.

The news was broken by “The Killa Gorilla” himself, as he posted on Instagram explaining what happened. Cannonier has torn his pectoral muscle and he’ll have to go undergo surgery.


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@darrentill2 I’m happy you found some courage and finally decided to accept the fight. On Monday. But only two days after I tore my left Pec completely. When it happened on Saturday 7th February, I was in Houston to talk about how you wouldn’t accept the fight. Now had you said yes when they offered, instead of dodging the fight presumably, I would have been in PHX gettin ready to beat yo ass. I’m not blaming you but I kinda am. Anyway, I’m gettin surgery on Tuesday. If you’re still around in the MW division, I’ll hit you up in the fall. P.S. tell your little minions to stop tagging me in your weird ass posts.

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The fight was mentioned some time ago, as allegedly the Englishman denied the opportunity to fight the American due to an ankle problem. There were reports that Till was fine, but he was in negotiations for a new UFC deal. Whatever it was, last week “Gorilla” accepted the fight, but now he’ll have to wait until the fall if he still wants to fight Cannonier.


Still, the Scouser will continue working towards UFC 248, as he’ll be a replacement option in case something happens to Israel Adesanya or Yoel Romero.

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