John Fury: Tyson will be fighting soon, with or without Anthony Joshua

While promoter still try to sort out a venue for a proposed heavyweight title unification between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, Fury’s father John says the clock is ticking on getting the deal across the line or else his son will just be looking elsewhere. Speaking to Sky Sports, John Fury makes it clear that Tyson is going to be back in action by the summer time, even if it’s not against Joshua.

“We will fight anyway, with or without AJ. We have made this quite clear. I hope [Hearn] can make it. He’s trying, doing the best he can…I hope he hasn’t shot himself in the foot by letting the cat out of the bag too early. I feel that’s what he did because he wanted to be the one to announce it.”

Fury would continue on by saying that Hearn has been shopping this fight around all four corners of the globe but the financing just doesn’t seem to be there as most aren’t willing to invest as heavily as the fighters would like due to the ongoing pandemic. To that end Fury says this fight could likely come together much easier if it’s staged once the world returns to a better sense of normalcy.

Hopefully the promoters are able to work this thing out in the short term to give boxing fans a fight they really deserve, but it’s certainly not appearing to be the most promising prospect at the moment.

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