John Kavanagh expects early summer return for Conor McGregor

MMA fans should be expecting the former UFC two-weight champion Conor McGregor to return inside the Octagon in the early days of 2022 summer. That’s according to his trainer and longtime coach John Kavanagh.

Conor was last seen in action at UFC 264 when he suffered a second consecutive defeat to Dustin Poirier. The trilogy fight between the two ended in a horrific way with the Irish breaking his leg.

“We’re not back to MMA training yet, but he can do all the strength and conditioning, and he’s being sensible about the approach of it,” Kavanagh told MMA Junkie. “I do a little bit of talks at local schools in Dublin and I will always use him as an example of what we can do in life when we get setbacks. There’s nobody that comes back better than him. There’s nobody that uses losses to fuel themself to learn new things about their body, to learn new things about training, and come back and do very well.”

“I would say early summer,” Kavanagh answered to the question when should Conor be back. “I think he’s on target for that. I’ll be meeting him, he’s back in Dublin now, so I’ll see him when I go back home to Ireland. I’m sure we’ll have a Proper 12 to celebrate Christmas, and then set a time for making a comeback.”

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