Jones, Nurmagomedov, Diaz dispute Conor McGregor’s GOAT rankings

McGregor started a global debate on Saturday that began with fans and media members before making its way to the fighters—including a pair of his greatest rivals.

“The Notorious” began a Twitter thread in regards to whom he believes are the greatest fighters of all-time: Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and himself. McGregor believed he had an argument for the top-spot, but felt he would be ranked no lower than no. 2.

The only fighter on the former multi-division champ’s GOAT list to respond was light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who shared a similar sentiment to many fans who questioned where McGregor ranked himself on the list.

One name that was left off of McGregor’s list that had fans scratching their heads was the undefeated, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Following one of the craziest buildups to a fight in promotional history, “The Eagle” submitted McGregor in the fourth round to retain his title at UFC 229 in October 2018.

Nurmagomedov doesn’t miss many opportunities to take shots at his Irish rival, which he did on Saturday evening in response to the highly discussed “GOAT thread.”

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