Jordan Gill: I believe becoming a world champion is not out of sight

WBA International title holder Jordan Gill is forcing his way into the world rankings. The Brit is aiming for a win over Mexican Enrique Tinoco on Friday at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena.

“I’m not sure what Tinoco is going to come with and whether he will come and try to take my head off or not. But I’ll deal with it regardless and break him down bit-by-bit and keep moving on towards those big fights. In front of me is a man and I won’t be focusing on what he does, all my attention is on me. If I’m good enough, then I’ll win, but if not, then I’ll lose. It’s as simple as that.”

“Last time out was good under the circumstances. I was headlining the card for the first time on Sky Sports and the majority of the crowd was there for me, so it couldn’t have gone much better. There are still things to improve on but I’ll do my best and look to reach the next level.”

Gill laughs, adding, “I’ll let him have this one. I’ve never boxed in Nottingham before so it’s going to be good to take in the atmosphere, although personally it will be hard to top Peterborough.”

“Leigh knows what to do with Ryan Doyle, in fact I’ve already shown him what to do. If he sticks to what he does best, he’ll be fine. He beats Ryan in every department for me, so I honestly can’t see him having too much trouble.”

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