Jorge Masvidal: Conor McGregor won’t fight me

Jorge Masvidal says Conor McGregor already has ducked him, so don’t expect a fight to be made

McGregor and Masvidal, who’ve flirted with fighting each other in the past, recently reignited their beef on Twitter last week. And while that might have fight fans excited about a potential matchup, Masvidal said McGregor’s made excuses preventing it.

“When they offer him the contract, he says stupid f*cking things that can’t happen,” Masvidal said Wednesday on “The MMA Hour.” “He wants me to go down to 155 (pounds). For starters, I’m not going to go down for 155 for this cocksucker. You’ve fought at 170. Why am I going to go down to 155? I haven’t been in that weight class for over five, six years. I can’t physically make it any more.”

“So he wants to put things that are just not real, and he wants to talk sh*t. And yeah, I’ll entertain his sh*t-talking from time to time when I get bored, but we both know he’s not fighting anybody. (UFC president) Dana White called it a long-ass time ago: I’m too much man for him, too much size, as Dana says, and it stuck with him. But at the same time, he can’t do nothing about it because he knows when we get in there, we’re both striking it up, and I’m going to crack his ass.”

“Definitely, it’s one of the fights that makes the most sense, money-wise,” Masvidal said.

“As a competitor, he ain’t bad. But as a person, I can’t stand this rat b*tch,” Masvidal said. “Give you an example. Khabib wins the belt, what does Conor do? Go and talk sh*t about him. Somebody at 205 will go and win a belt, he’ll go and talk sh*t. Like, he just wants to stay relevant. Obviously, I’m still a hot topic while his b*tch-ass is just on his couch, f*cking sniffing coke or whatever the f*ck he’s doing, and he wants to stay relevant, so he takes shots.”

“But he’s not going to fight. UFC’s offered him this fight. As me and you both know, this could be the biggest fight in UFC history. Why wouldn’t he want to cash in on that paycheck? Because he knows I’m going to beat the f*ck out of him, and I’m not a wrestler, so if I beat him, it really looks bad for his brand, because I’m going to beat him only one way, f*cking in his face, standing up, punching him, knocking his ass out. It’s not going to be good for the Conor brand or his cheap-ass whiskey. So the little b*tch has to do what he has to do and take to Twitter and talk sh*t.”

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