Jose Ramirez on Josh Taylor: I could tell this guy’s fake

WBO and WBC world super light champion Jose Ramirez is just a day away from the biggest fight in his pro career.

The American will try to cement his legacy tomorrow night in Las Vegas when he go against the IBF and WBA world champion Josh Taylor.

The undisputed fight in the super lightweight division is one of the most anticipated bouts in 2021 and if we judge by the trash-talk and the hype, it’s gonna be a good one.

“I could tell this guy’s fake,” Ramirez told “That’s the good thing about me – I’m gonna be real in front of the cameras and I’m gonna be real in front of my opponent. When the cameras are off, I’m not gonna disrespect no one. You know, this guy, he started disrespecting me when the microphone wasn’t on him. You know what I mean?

“He’s someone that, no matter what he accomplishes in life, he’s a terrible guy, man. He’s a terrible guy. I could tell by the words he uses. If he’s willing to disrespect a guy that has made it this far, you know, I’m sure this guy is willing to disrespect any other guy.”

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