Josh Warrington TKO’s Sofiane Takoucht (VIDEO)

IBF world featherweight champion Josh Warrington (30-0) looked impressive yesterday in front of his home Leeds crowd when he destroyed the #4 IBF challenger Sofiane Takoucht (35-4-1).

The 28-year-old Brit won via TKO in the second round, as it was obvious that the French boxer is not a match for such a skilled and powerful fighter as Warrington.

“The Leeds Waarrior” showcased brute power in his right hand, as he dropped Takoucht twice in the second round. Props to the 33-year-old challenger, he managed to get up, but it would probably be better for him if he stayed down. Warrington got his opponent to the center of the ring and started mauling him with power punches to the head and the body. Sofiane was barely standing on his feet when the ref stepped in and rightfully waved off the bout.

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