Joshua: Ruiz will face “Completely different beast”

Former unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-1) made a huge promise to his next adversary.

The Briton will be facing the current WBA “Super”, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1) in November or December 2019. It was the 29-year-old Ruiz who shocked the world this summer when he TKO’d Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden.

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A lot has been said about the upset that took place on June 1, but the 29-year-old Brit seems more than ready to get his revenge and to get his belts back.

“It’s a fight I know I can win, and that’s what makes it important, because I know I can win,” Joshua said.

“What makes it more important is how I prepare for this fight. And that’s why, when I looked at my options of what we need to do as a team, whether we keep it the same, add to what we have or got rid of it, I thought option two was the best because I’m only a product of what I’m taught in the gym.

“And I wanna add to what I have, so that when I go to fight Ruiz in the rematch – he’s gonna assume that was the best Anthony Joshua in the ring. And I think I fought the best Ruiz in the ring that night. But when I come for that rematch, he’s gonna be dealing with a completely different beast.”

“I feel good,” Joshua added.

Image: БТА

“It’s a little blip, a mistake I made. And I would say Ruiz was ready to be taken out. I’m just gonna add to what we already have, correct my wrongs and look forward to the rematch because I feel it’s a fight I can win.”

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