Joshua says there was no “panic attack” (VIDEO)

Former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-1) has dismissed the circulating rumors that he had a panic attack minutes before he made his entrance for his highly anticipated Andy Ruiz (33-1) fight.

The Brit lost his world titles in a shocking manner, getting knocked down 4 times by Andy Ruiz before the ref waved off the fight in the 7th round.

Image: БТА

The panic attack version was one of the many “suspected” reasons for the outcome of the fight, but the 29-years-old came out and shut down all the talk following the fight.

“I had no panic attack. I have to take my loss like a man. No blaming anyone or anything,” “AJ” said.

“There have been a lot of accusations and worries about what was wrong with me. How to explain that feeling? It has happened to me before but I feel like those times I lost years back have made me a stronger person.

“It hasn’t really changed me, my work ethic, my mindset, what I stand for, the people I’m still loyal to – my trainer Rob McCracken, my amateur coach at Finchley ABC.I’m still going to work with these guys, they’ll teach me everything I need to know.

“They’ve done a great job for me not only inside the boxing ring but mainly as a human. They’ve really developed me as a person which is really important. These guys have been with me for years.”

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