JSA postpones May and July tournaments by two weeks

The Japan Sumo Asociation has decided to postpone the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, which was scheduled to begin on May 10. Instead, the event will be pushed back 14 days due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The start of the July tournament in Nagoya will also be pushed back two weeks.

JSA chairman Hakkaku said the sport’s governing body will aim to hold next month’s meet under regular conditions, but added that it may be held without spectators or canceled altogether depending on the state of the outbreak — which has caused suspension or cancellation of sporting events around the world.

“Today we just rescheduled the two tournaments, but we can’t say anything more as the situation is changing day by day,” he said,” a JSA spokesman told AFP.

The Spring Basho, held last month in Osaka, took place without a crowd, the wrestlers surrounded by just a handful of judges in the empty arena.

Source: www.japantimes.co.jp

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