Kambosos vs Haney final press conference video and quotes

George Kambosos Jr and Devin Haney didn’t get into any big trash talk at today’s final press conference in Melbourne, Australia, with Kambosos not going back to the “rat” well, and everyone involved sounding happy to be involved in such a big event for Australian and global boxing.

Without any choice antagonistic quotes, we were left with Kambosos (20-0, 10 KO) and Haney (27-0, 15 KO) both displaying cool confidence ahead of their fight, before an intense staredown for the media assembled, and there was quite a bit of it for this undisputed lightweight championship clash.

Along with Kambosos and Haney, the main undercard fighters spoke, as well, and we’ve also got those quotes for you.

George Kambosos Jr

“It has been a long, hard journey. I’m ready. All the moments have got me ready again, and I will shock the world again. Underdog? Beautiful. We’re ready.”

“I’ve been through it all. Whatever comes, we are ready and fully prepared. I am a warrior. We’re prepared.”

“I’m just having fun, enjoying the moment, talking the truth. If it’s (affected Haney), it has, if it hasn’t, so be it. The fight is what matters.”

“Victory by any means. I have manifested everything, every part of this journey. They said I’d never be here. Only two people believed it, me and my father. I’ve manifested my victory.”

“I love the underdog status. It’s OK. They’ve bet against me my whole career. I’m still the top dog. And I will remain the top dog.”

“It’s very motivating (to be on this stage), to have my country behind me. I haven’t had that for a long time. I’m embraced by all of it. I’m just going to the next level like I always have, but ultimately it’s me and him in that ring.”

Devin Haney

“This is the biggest stage but something I dreamed of. I didn’t think it would come this early, but I’m thankful and it’s time.”

“I knew coming in he was going to try anything he can to throw me off my game and get me unfocused. He can say what he wants to say. I will come out victorious by any means.”

“It will be very satisfying (to win). I did it against all odds. I wouldn’t say stacked against me, but it wasn’t working in my favor. They did everything they can to put me at a disadvantage. It’s going to make it that much sweeter. I look forward to bringing the belts back and showing my dad what we accomplished.”

“I feel like I’m the far better fighter. I have far more skills than him and I will show it. It’s for me to show in the ring. The betting odds really don’t matter. I will show you. Anybody can say anything, but I’m levels above him.”

“This will be huge. This will be everything. We might have a parade back in the States after.”

On his style approach: “We’re fighting with 8 oz gloves, one punch can change any fight. You never know. I’m prepared for anything. We’re able to make adjustments, but I have a game plan we’re going to stick to and I feel like it’s going to work. We’ve studied George, we know the mistakes he makes, the things he does good, the things he doesn’t like.”

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