Kelvin Gastelum blasts ‘leper’ Conor McGregor following UFC 234

Kelvin Gastelum was battling a staph infection which  garnered some scathing remarks from Conor McGregor who questioned why a ‘worm’ like Gastelum was walking around with the title at UFC 234.

Of course, Gastelum wasn’t too fond of that as he fired back on Monday.

“Oh my god, you want to talk about a leper?” Gastelum said of McGregor on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “A guy that’s full of disease that’s spreading disease all over Ireland? That’s Conor McGregor. He’s spreading his seed all over Ireland, impregnating ladies and not claiming them. That dude’s a leper. Forget him.”

Gastelum is, of course, referring to the recent allegations against McGregor in regards to a child that may be his that isn’t with his longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin.

Whether or not the winner of season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter will still get his title shot next remains to be determined after Adesanya’s win. However, if there’s any truth to UFC President Dana White’s words, he will indeed be getting just that.


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