Khabib eyes UFC return in September

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov was supposed to fight this upcoming Saturday but the coronavirus outbreak shut down all sporting events around the globe.

Khabib had to defend his title against Tony Ferguson, but the fight got postponed for a record fifth time. Some time ago “The Eagle” returned to Russia for the final part of his training camp, but then he wasn’t able to fly back to the US because of the coronavirus pandemic that shut down many countries’ borders.

Eventually, the whole UFC 249 card was cancelled when Disney and ESPN  told Dana White to stand down. Still, the champion seems more than eager to get back to action, posting this on his Instagram:

“September is not that far. Although it’s hard to believe the situation will get better by September. But, as one serious person said: In peacetime, it is necessary to be getting ready for war. How are your days going?” Nurmagomedov wrote.

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