Khushkadam Khusravov: My father taught me to aim high

He grew up with the idea of ​​becoming the World SAMBO Champion, like the famous Tajik sambist Saidmumin Rakhimov. The dream came true in the 25th year of his life, and he came up with a new one… Khushkadam Khusravov is the World SAMBO Champion, one of the most titled wrestlers in Tajikistan.

The first teacher of the champion was his father – also an athlete and director of a children’s sports school. In Vanj, where Khushkadam comes from, struggle is the favorite pastime of all – great and small.

“I was 7 years old when my father brought me to the gym. Father instructed me from childhood that, like Saidmumin Rakhimov, I should reach the greatest heights, become the world champion. And that became my dream”, the sambist says.

Khushkadam was one of the best in Vanj, but there was a long way to go to the main victory. Republican and some international tournaments were easy for him, but at the largest international championships he was defeated:

“In 2014, at the World Championships, I took second place, I think it was an injustice on the part of the referees. In 2015 and 2016, I lost in a row, I could not take any places. I was depressed, told myself that I could never become a champion”, Khusravov says.

Confidence was gone in Khushkadam. But his coach believed in him, and most importantly – his mother.

“Father said: enough training, do something else. And my mother insisted: continue training, I’m sure that your dreams will come true. I listened to her advice, and reached such heights”, the sambist recalls.

2018 – World SAMBO Championships in Romania. Khushkadam is more prepared than ever. At this tournament, he defeated everyone and some with an incredible score of 10:0.

He became the third World SAMBO Champion from Tajikistan: after the legendary Saidmumin Rakhimov and the young Behruza Khojazoda.

In his 27 years, the champion has all kinds of medals and titles. Two years ago he became a master of sports. Now, with the same tenacity, he is heading for the second wave in his life – he wants to repeat his success.

“I want to become a World Champion for the second time. So that the younger generation sees and follows my example so that they raise our flag again and again”, he says.


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