Kickboxing versus kyokushin on SENSHI’s fourth edition, tickets are on sale

SENSHI’s fourth edition sounds promising. 

One of Bulgaria’s most intense and spectacular fighting organization will be taking place on October 26 in Varna at the Palace of culture and sport. Tickets are already on sale online and you can buy them from here.

The prices are 10 and 20 leva and VIP tables – 700 leva for 8 guests.

This time fight fans in Bulgaria will enjoy 12 kickboxing and kyokushin fights. Five of the bouts will be conducted under the full contact karate kyokushin style, two of the fights will go down under the K-1 rules and the remainder of the clashes are set to be under the KWU Professional League ruling.

All the news, interviews and analysis you can find at Boec.BG, Boec.COM and SENSHI’s Facebook page.

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