Klitschko’s trainer: Wilder didn’t get KO’d

Johnathon Banks, the last trainer of former unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, made an interesting statement about the recent claims Dillian Whyte made that Wlad knocked out Deontay Wilder during a sparring session back in 2012.

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Banks took over Wladimir’s career after the death of Emanuel Steward in 2012 and was the main man in Klitschko’s corner until the end of his career in 2017.

In a recent interview, Britain’s Dillian Whyte said that he saw in person Wladimir Klitschko knocking out cold the-27-year-old then Wilder who was brought to Wlad’s camp for one of his fights.

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According to Banks though, things were a little bit different than Whyte said to be.

However, he does confirm that Klitschko dropped Wilder during sparring.

“I’m the one who picked Wilder and all the other sparring partners to come,” Banks said to ThaBoxingVoice.

“Did Wilder get knocked out cold in sparring by Wladimir? No, that’s the truth it didn’t happen. Did he get dropped? Yes, he did.”

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