Krstiyan Doychev demolish Jean-Paul Jacquet at SENSHI 7

Bulgaria’s Kristiyan Doychev beat Jean-Paul Jacquet via third round TKO in the second bout of the SENSHI 7 fight card. The fight was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the -85 kg category.

The Bulgarian started the fight with a couple of leg kicks, while his taller opponent was using his height advantage two throw jabs from distance.

One minute into the opening round, Doychev landed an outstanding mawashi geri which knocked Jacquet down. Kristiyan followed this with a barrage of heavy punches to the head and the body which sent the French to the canvas for a second time.

The Bulgarian was using all king od attacks while his opponent was getting limited only to throwing single strikes.

The French fighter tried to press at the beginning of the second part, but that didn’t faze Doychev. Jacquet was knocked down two more times before the end of the round.

The third round produced more of the same – Doychev was unloading with power punches and diverse combinations which were left unanswered by Jean-Paul and the special guest referee Peter Aerts had no other option than to stop the fight.

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