Kubrat Pulev ordered to complete sexual harassment course

Bulgaria’s heavyweight Kubrat Pulev (27-1-0) will have to to complete a sexual harassment course in order to be licensed to fight in California again. Yesterday the 38-years-old appeared in front of the California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday to address the March 23 incident when he kissed reporter Jenny Sushe during a post-fight interview.

CSAC had suspended Pulev indefinitely following the incident – but when the boxer faced the Commission in person on Tuesday, they agreed to reinstate him on July 22 if he completes a sexual harassment training course.

Pulev must also pay a $2,500 fine within 6 months from the incident — and if he commits any similar offenses in the future, he could face a lifetime ban in California.  During the hearing, the CSAC commissioner lectured Pulev about the incident — telling him he needs to understand why his actions are unacceptable and dangerous.

Pulev said he understood and wants to get back to work fighting as soon as possible.

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