Kudo Event Schedule for 2020

Kudo International Federation published the full event schedule for 2020. The governing organisation of Kudo is uniting more than 60 countries around the world.

Let’s check out what is planned for our favourite full-contact mixed combat sport with head guard and gloves:


05-10 KUDO Camp in Almaty, Kazakhstan
19 KUDO Open Italia
26 Almaty Championship (Young Samurai) in Almaty, Kazakhstan
24-26 Mumbai Interschool Sports KUDO tournament in Mumbai, India
24-26 Winter gathering in Mongolia


08 Regional KUDO Seminary in Rennes, France
12 Aktobe Cup in Aktobe, Kazakhstan
14 1st national tournament of KUDO clubs in Algeria
15-16 Estonian Martial Arts Festival in Estonia
17-18 Junior Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan
22-23 Russian KUDO Championship (men’s &women’s)
29 Koi Dojo Open KUDO Cup in UAE


01 Nur-Sultan Cup in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
03 Almaty Championship (Young Samurai) in Almaty, Kazakhstan
07-08 Championships (16-18 years old) in Baku, Azerbaijan
08 Kyrgyzstan KUDO Championship (7 to 18 years old) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
13 KUDO National Championship in Algeria
15 KUDO Girls 4 in Rennes, France
21 National Championship, Junior Championship in Mongolia
22 Belt Test In Mongolia
29 KUDO Armenian Championship (8 to 18 years) in Yerevan, Armenia
TBC Winter Camp in Bergara, Spain


04 Juniors Belt Test in UAE
05 KUDO Breizh Cup 2 in Guignen, France
10-11 Junior Championships in Azerbaijan
11 Adults Belt Test in UAE
25-26 Russian KUDO Junior’s Championship


01-03 KUDO Rennes Camp 9 in Rennes, France
08 Juniors Competition in UAE
09-10 KUDO International Camp by KIF in Greece
15-16 Russian KUDO Cup (men’s & women’s)
17 Almaty Championship (Young Samurai) in Almaty, Kazakhstan
23 Open Estonian Championship in Tallinn, Estonia
24 HOKUTOKI All Japan KUDO Championships in Sendai, Japan
All Japan Senior KUDO Invitational Championships in Sendai, Japan
25-26 Championships in Azerbaijan
1-5 58th KUDO Mixed Martial Arts Training Camp in Khandala, Maharashtra, India
7-15 11th National KUDO Tournament in Khandala, Maharashtra, India


10-25 Camp in Shamakhi city, Promotion test in Azerbaijan
11-21 Estonian KUDO Camp in Estonia
TBC KUDO nationals competition in Kandy, Sri Lanka
TBC KUDO junior nationals competition in Kandy, Sri Lanka


1-4 Summer gathering in Mongolia
4-11 Summer Camp in Czech Republic
20-26 Summer camp for KUDO teams of Armenia (8-15 years)
TBC National KUDO seminar in Brazil
TBC Vietnam KUDO Training Camp



18 Conference of Coach and Referee of Azerbaijan Republic
TBC Judo Seminar in Kandy, Sri Lanka
TBC Graplling Seminar in Kandy, Sri Lanka
26 KUDO Cup in Mongolia
TBC Summer Camp in Malaga, Spain
TBC Brazil national KUDO tournament



9-11 3rd KUDO World Cup in Greece
15-16 President Cup in Azerbaijan


08 KUDO Armenian Cup 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia
TBC HOKUTOKI All Japan KUDO Championships in Japan
All Japan Junior KUDO Championships in Japan
11 Winter KUDO Cup in Italy
13 Adults Competition in UAE
15 First Open Carthage KUDO Championship in Tunis, Tunisia
21 Open Championship of Tallinn, in Estonia
21-22 National level seminar, belts promotuion test, annual area instructors meeting in Greece
28-30 Championship among white belts in Azerbaijan
TBC Brazil national belt promotion test
TBC Spanish National Championship in Barcelona, Spain


5 Belt Test in Mongolia
06 Belt Test in Kyrgyzstan
TBC Special Sminar with Jukucho Azuma & Black Belt Test in Vietnam

Source: ku-do.com

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