KWU International Professional League camp keeps up the good work

As one would’ve expected, yesterday’s SENSHI 8 was on everybody’s minds this morning when the third and final day of the ongoing KWU International Professional League camp in Sofia started.

The event is taking place at “Arena Armeec” in Bulgaria’s capital city.

Two Ukrainian kyokushin fighters had all eyes on them this morning when they engaged in a short sparring session. Nikita Peshenko and his fellow countryman Seva Vsevolodov showcased amazing skills and it’s safe to say they stole the show.


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The camp’s main instructors Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts demonstrated some new techniques to the participants.

“Mr. Perfect” was focused on the counterattacking aspect of the game. He emphasized the importance of the correct stance and the proper execution.

“Hightower” showcased some important exercises to the instructors. He wanted to every one of them to lead different groups of small number karatekas, so they can get accustomed to as many different styles.

“The Dutch Lumberjack” worked closely with the pro fighters and with the help of his son Marciano demonstrated some elite skills. Aerts shared some helpful tips to the young fighters about cutting the ring and ring generalship.

The fourth master class of 2021 is taking place at “Arena Armeec” in Sofia, Bulgaria and it will end on Sunday. The camp will produce a total of 7 training sessions throughout the next three days. Fighters from 11 countries are taking part in the major event.

Images: Studio Lesemann

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