KWU team announced for the upcoming 2019 WKO World Open Championship

Exactly one month before the 12th WKO World Open Championship to take place in Tokyo, Japan, the KWU team members were confirmed.

On November 9-10, 12 karatekas will be guided by Shihan David Pickthall who’s Major Coach of the KWU team. The organizer of this famous event is WKO Shinkyokushinkai and according to the agreement of cooperation among KWU and WKO, our fighters will participate again as in the previous one.

KWU team:

Rosin Jonas
Markwell Emma
Drozd Aleksander
Lialikov Artem
Kushnareva Alena
Solovev Dmitrii
Samedov Rasim
Samedov Vasif
Karpuk Aleksandra
Bitkash David
Belyaev Victor
Doronina Kseniia

Down below you can see the draws among men and women.



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