Lomachenko defeats Ortiz via UD

Former unified lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko returned to the ring in style. The Ukrainian fighter beat Jamaine Ortiz via UD (115-113, 116-112, and 117-111) in the main event of the gala that took place in New York, US.

In the first round, Lomachenko kept up the pressure but received a red mark under his right eye from the countering Ortiz. In the second round, a clash of heads only made the injury under the right eye worse for Lomachenko.

 In the third round, Lomachenko, halfway through the round, hurt Ortiz with a short left on the chin. In the fourth round, Ortiz came back well, keeping Lomachenko from getting any offense started.

In the fifth round, Ortiz had swelling under his left eye from the combinations from Lomachenko. In the sixth, through the eighth round, Ortiz had an edge. In the ninth round, Lomachenko hurt Ortiz, making him hold halfway through the round. In the final half, a minute, Ortiz came back well.

In the tenth round, Lomachenko came back well, taking the round going into the championship rounds that he, not Ortiz, have been through. In the eleventh round, it was more in favor of Lomachenko having hurt Ortiz halfway through the round with a body shot. In the twelfth and final round, Lomachenko showed his experience by going twelve rounds, while Ortiz has never been past ten. Both fighters had their faces showing how it was a battle.

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