Manny Pacquiao says both legs cramped in the second round

The boxing legend Manny Pacquiao returned to action this past Saturday night in Las Vegas, but the Filipino legend got shooked by his 11-day notice opponent Yordenis Ugas.

The Cuban fighter got the W via UD, putting Pac-Man’s career on the line. The 42 year-old Pacquiao looked like father has finally caught up with him, as his punches and feetwork looked like they were in slow mo.

After the fight Manny noted that there are no excuses…except his both legs cramped in the second round on.

“Actually, I know his style,” Pacquiao said. “But the thing is, I want to do my plan, but my plans in the ring – I have a lot of techniques for his style. But the thing is, but I’m not saying that this is my excuse, but no, you know, my two legs is cramping. I cannot move. That’s why I can’t move around. I can, in early days I can easily move and out-box him. You know Manny Pacquiao.

“But this time around, it’s like my two legs is tight and hurting me in [the] second round, until 12 rounds. But I’m not making excuses. That’s the reason why I cannot move and I just staying countering him, of his punches. That’s what happened, so that’s boxing. I mean, I’ve done a lot in boxing and I’m happy that we’re safe.”

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