Mayweather vs Paul: Sky Sports picks up British broadcasting rights to June 6 card

While Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to make an in-the-ring appearance against YouTube star Logan Paul on June 6th in Miami, Sky Sports has just announced that they’ll be airing the card live in the UK on Sky Sports Box Office. Head of Boxing Development for Sky Sports, Adam Smith, had this to say about the event.

“We’re hugely excited to be showing Floyd Mayweather’s blockbuster exhibition bout with Logan Paul on Sky Sports Box Office. We’ve covered many of Mayweather’s sensational victories over the years, including that fascinating clash with Conor McGregor, and we cannot wait to welcome back a boxing legend who always guarantees showmanship and razor-sharp skills.”

Realistically there’s absolutely no reason to believe that Logan Paul can actually compete with Mayweather inside a boxing ring (unless you consider Floyd blocking for a few rounds until Paul tuckers himself out competitive), yet there is obviously enough interest in this match up that it’s actually happening.

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