Mayweather vs. Paul weigh-in results: Logan Paul outweighs Floyd Mayweather by over 15 kg

Logan Paul weighed in at 189.5 pounds for his eight-round exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, who tipped the scales at 155 pounds, a separation of 34.5 pounds one day before their pay-per-view headliner Sunday in Miami Gardens, Fla.

That poundage added to a six-inch height advantage for the confident Paul, who took the stage to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and declared his undefeated counterpart “not ready” for the fight. The YouTube star was not allowed to weigh more than 190 pounds, and Mayweather was capped at 160 pounds per their contracts.

Paul said his presence on the stage “proves this sh*t is a simulation.”

“None of it’s real,” he said. “The aliens are coming in June. Just be ready. Tomorrow, I break the f*cking simulation and beat the greatest boxer in the history of the planet.”

Mayweather, fighting in his second exhibition after a December 2018 meeting with Tenshin Nasukawa, yawned at his opponent’s bravado, which matched every previous one to the same end: a loss.

“Height don’t win fights,” he said. “Weight don’t win fights. Fighting wins fights, and at the end of the day, I can fight.”

Paul, a +500 betting underdog, has lived up to his reputation as a promotional savant, and he also got a strong assist from his younger brother, Jake Paul, who wasn’t present at the weigh-ins after sparking a melee at the event’s press conference. But he would also be wise to take the advice of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who weighed in at 179.5 pounds before the headliners for a pro bout against bare-knuckle and MMA vet Brian Maxwell, who was 183.5.

Asked about his key to victory on Saturday night, Johnson declared, “Keep your f*cking hands up.”

Check out the full weigh-in video below.

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