McGregor aiming for UFC return this summer

Former UFC two-weight division champ Conor McGregor spoke briefly about his next UFC fight. The 30-year-old Irish was celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Chicago when he confirmed that he’s aiming for a July fight with TBA opponent.

”Yes, we’re currently in negotiations, we’re aiming for July, we’ll see what happens,” McGregor said. “I am staying ready. This morning I was doing incline sprints on the treadmill on my program, the McGregorFast program, today in a hotel room. So we’re staying on it, getting work in as we go.”

Lately “The Notorious” has been involved in everything, but fighting in the Octagon. Last week he was arrested in Miami on charges of felony stronga-armed robbery.

There were rumours that Conor and Nate Diaz are in talks for a third fight, but there is still nothing official neither from the two fighters, nor from UFC

We remind you, that July was the same targeted date for a potential fight with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, although Dana White stated a couple of weeks ago that a fight between Cerrone and Mcgregor is “nowhere close to happening” and more likely than not Conor will face someone else.

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