McGregor – Poirier 2 won’t be for the lightweight title

The rematch between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will not be for the lightweight championships, insists UFC President Dana White.

Conor and Dustin are both yet to sign the papers, but it is believed they will fight in January at UFC 257. Many people believed the winner of the clash will sit on the freshly vacated lightweight throne by Khabib Nurmagomedov, but the man in charge has discharged those rumors.

Image: БТА

The UFC president told media following Tuesday’s Dana White’s Contender Series finale that he was unaware of Nurmagomedov’s recent USADA test but otherwise sees the dominant Dagestani coming back for the tidy, even-numbered mark of 30-0.

“I didn’t know the USADA test happened,” White said.

“I told you guys that I think he’s gonna go for 30-0. If he’s still testing, why the hell would you want to test if you’re not gonna fight?

“He hasn’t committed, but I feel like he’s gonna. I’m not really pushing him. We talked about it and he just fought. Let him take some time, spend some time with his family, spend the holidays. There’s no rush.”

“No, Conor- Dustin won’t be for the title,” White added. “Khabib’s gonna fight again. I believe he’s gonna fight. It’s not for the title.”

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