McIntyre shares what would be Crawford’s biggest challenge

Brian McIntyre, the lead trainer for Terence Crawford, talks to Fight Hub TV about Crawford’s next move (with the Amir Khan fight still unconfirmed) and where he would like to see him go from here in the welterweight division…

McIntyre on who he wants to see Crawford fight next:

“One of the champions: Porter, Spence, or Thurman. You know what I’m saying? We want the best, man. You know, we getting older now, Terence said he wanna call it quits in the near future, so we might as well go ahead and get the big guys out there, the other champions.”

On those champions seeming to be more incline to fight each other than Crawford:

“Because they don’t want none of that work. They don’t wanna mess with Terence, man. They see what Terence do to people, he ruin careers.”

On who would be the most difficult fight for Crawford between those champions:

“Probably Thurman. Yeah, probably Thurman. [Spence], you see what size does to you — nothing. When he beat Benavidez, Benavidez was way bigger than him, taller than him, but that didn’t mean nothing. His punches didn’t even move Terence. So size don’t mean anything but Thurman, he mobile, good with his punches, punches from different angles.”

On if he thinks Thurman will be the same fighter he was before once he comes back:

“Let’s hope he is…because they gonna say ‘you beat a guy who’s been out for a long time and he really didn’t fight nobody.’”



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