Mexico top medal table of PKF Cadet, Junior and U21 Championships

Hosts of Mexico finished on top of the 2022 PKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships. The event was held in Mexico City and was a celebration of the strength of youth Karate on the continent.

The outstanding performance of the representatives of the organising nation was confirmed in the junior and U21 categories.

Ana Carolina Herrera Ayala claimed the title in Junior Female Kumite -53kg, while Lizette Basilisa Valentin Garcia in Junior Female Kumite +59kg and Katia Salcido in U21 Kumite Female -50kg won the crowns for Mexico.

The host country prevailed in Team divisions, with titles in Kata Team Cadet and Junior Female, Kata Team Female U21, and Kumite Team Female U21.

Brazil reached second place in the final medal table with 33 medals including 8 golds. Anna Prezzoti in U21 Kumite Female -68kg and Gabriel Pinheiro in U21 Kumite Male -75kg completed the gold medal count for Brazil.

The third spot in the final medal table is for the United States, with 36 medals and seven golds. On the final day, the representatives of the North American powerhouse nation of the sport claimed two more titles in the individual division as Mateo Solis won gold in Junior Kumite Male -61kg, and Eduard Sagilyan won the crown in U21 Kumite Male +84kg.

Additionally, the United States finished on top in Kata Team Cadet and Junior Male and Kumite Team Male U21.

Karatekas from Chile also had plenty of reasons to celebrate with four golds in the last categories. Magdalena Godoy in Junior Kumite Female -48kg, Kimi Vega in U21 Kumite Female -61kg, Ivan Carrasco Farfan in U21 Kumite Male -60kg, Benjamin Nunez in U21 Kumite Male -84kg were the final gold medallists for Chile.

Venezuela, Peru and Colombia had a successful final day with two titles each. Nicole Gamboa Rojas in Junior Kumite Female -59kg, and Gian Gamez Scioscia in U21 Kumite Male -67kg were the gold medallists for Venezuela, while Francisco Moreno Torres in Junior Kumite Male -55kg and the Kata Team Male U21 were the titleholders for Peru, just as Roxane Stefania Hernandez Pacheco in U21 Kumite Female +68kg, and Santiago Ospina Soscue in Junior Kumite Male -76kg for Colombia.

The list of gold medallists was completed with Diego Ernesto Chacon Mazariegos of Guatemala in Junior Kumite Male -68kg, Ivan Britos of Paraguay in Junior Kumite Male +76kg, and Ileana Miranda of Ecuador in U21 Kumite Female -55kg.

(Images: FEMEKA)


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