Michael Chandler wants Justin Gaethje next to prove who’s the most violent fighter in the UFC

Michael Chandler is hoping to prove he’s the most violent fighter in the UFC and to do that he knows he needs to face Justin Gaethje.

When Gaethje and Alvarez fought at UFC 218, many fans said the fight would determine who is the most violent fighter in the UFC. Alvarez ended up winning the fight by TKO, but after he left the promotion, and Gaethje went on a KO streak and many considered him the most violent man in the Las Vegas-based promotion.

Now, after Chandler scored a massive TKO win over Dan Hooker he is hoping to face Gaethje next time out. The hope for “Iron” would be to prove he is the most violent man in MMA.

“If I had it my way, it would be Justin Gaethje because it is a fight that excites me and it is a fight that I match up extremely well against Justin Gaethje,” Michael Chandler said to ESPN. “You had a guy who I tangled with a couple of times named Eddie Alvarez who beat Justin Gaethje, whenever they fought for the unofficial title of the most violent guy in mixed martial arts. The most violent guy in the UFC. Eddie Alvarez won that fight. I think I’m the new most violent guy in the UFC. If Justin Gaethje wants to prove that, he’s gonna need to step in the Octagon against me.”

Off the rankings, a fight between Chandler and Gaethje certainly makes sense. It can headline a Fight Night card and be an exciting scrap for the fans.

Michael Chandler is coming off the win over Hooker in his UFC debut. It marked his third straight win and cemented his case as a top-five lightweight. Justin Gaethje, meanwhile, is coming off a submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title back in October.

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