Michael Chiesa fought at UFC Raleigh with fractured nose (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever wondered how tough Michael Chiesa actually is, don’t do it anymore. Because “Maverick” toughness is not something that should be even debatable.

The 32-year-old American is currently on a three-fight winning streak since he made his UFC welterweight debut in 2018. Chiesa’s last win came at UFC Fight Night 166 8 days ago when he defeated Rafael dos Anjos via UD.

Fight fans that watched the fight will tell you it was a ground and pound bout with a lot of BJJ and wrestling. But that was not an accident on Chiesa’s part who fractured his nose 45 days before January 25.

The fighter shared on his Instagram profile a video of himself and one of his sparring partners. There was a clash of heads that lead to some serious problems for Chiesa.

“I didn’t want to lose the opportunity’s head of me, so I had to take a chance,” Chiesa wrote.

“Deciding not to pull out of the fight made it the most stressful camp of my career. With only a small fraction of the sparring and live grappling I normally do in an eight-week camp, we still got the job done.”

After the win over dos Anjos, Chiesa called out former interim welterweight titleholder Colby Covington for his next fight.

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