Mike Tyson says Jermall Charlo not strong enough to beat Canelo

During an interview a live stream interview captured by Fight Hub TV, Mike Tyson shares his perspective on how he views a potential fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jermall Charlo, being that it’s a fight that has been mentioned pretty frequently as of late.

So when ask about his thoughts on Canelo, and whether or not he views him as a legitimate boxing great, Tyson had this to say:

“Yeah. I think he stands out alone,” Tyson said. “You know, he learned so much from that Floyd Mayweather fight. He’s gonna wind up retiring undefeated. I’d like to see him fight that Charlo guy — that’s gonna be a good fight. I don’t think that guy’s strong enough but I think that guy, he’s not afraid. I think he’s smart and he’ll put up a good fight ‘til whatever happens, happens.

“That’s gonna be an interesting fight, but it’s gonna be a knockout. Ain’t going the distance.”

Charlo has been in the media recently, even being specifically asked about a potential fight against Canelo, and while Charlo didn’t exactly instill confidence he’s truly pushing for that fight to happen, fight fans can dream at least. Truth be told, it’s easily one of the best fights to make around the 160-168lb division.

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