Mikey Garcia: I would love to fight Lomachenko

Following his loss to IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr (25-0) last Saturday night, the WBC lightweight champ Mikey Garcia (39-1) stated that he would love to face WBO and WBA lightweight king Vasyl Lomachenko (12-1) in a unification fight.

Garcia, who moved up two weight categories for his bout with “The Truth”, was totally outclassed by Errol Spence this past weekend in Dallas. Even though the 31-year-old got all bulked in the last few months, he was still lacking size and power compared to 29-year-old Errol Spence.

Mikey said that he is not sure what’s he going to do and that he is planning to have a serious talk with his brother/trainer Rob Garcia and his father.

“I would love to fight with Lomachenko, but I haven’t made my decision to come back down to 135 just yet,” Garcia said after the fight.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to sit back with my brother and my dad, and figure out what division I’m going to come down. Maybe I stay at 147 or come down to 135. But at 135, that is the most interesting fight against Lomachenko, and I would love to take on that fight,” Garcia said.

Lomachenko will be defending his WBA/WBO lightweight belts next month against Anthony Crolla (34-6-3) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

“I showed a lot of heart, and now people respect me a lot more for the way I fought, and for going up against the best, and I can say I fought well,” Garcia said. “At one point my brother mentioned, ‘Maybe it’s time to call it a night.’ He didn’t want to see me get hit, and my dad also, but I wasn’t hurt any point like that. I got hit. It’s boxing. I got hit with a couple of shots,” Garcia said.

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